One of my resolutions for the year 2014 is to GET ORGANIZED! We have so much “stuff” and it just drives me crazy. I’d love to de-clutter and simplify keeping only what we really need. After the clutter is gone I’d love to work my way through each room of the house and organize everything! I’m talking break-a-sweat-from-using-the-label-maker-so-much organized. Yeah, I’m pretty serious about it. Here are 15 ways to organize – I especially love the pantry organization posts! How amazing would it be to open your cabinets and have everything perfectly organized?!

15 Ways to Organize in 2014

  1. Organized Pantry / A Dose of Paige
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  3. Clothes Drawer Organization / The Pinning Mama 
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  5. Get Organized Checklist / Wondermom Wannabe 
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  7. Stockpile Organization / Stockpiling Moms 
  8. Pantry Organization / Stockpiling Moms 
  9. Bedroom Organization / A Bowl Full of Lemons
  10. Organize 2014 Goals / Black and White Obsession
  11. Laundry Room Organization / A Bowl Full of Lemons
  12. Organize your mail / Espresso and Cream
  13. Organize under your sink / Organizing Homelife
  14. Fridge Organization / A Bowl Full of Lemons
  15. Organized Gift Wrapping Station / A Bowl Full of Lemons
Are you crazy about organization too?
Are you like me and feel way more comfortable in a clutter-free space?