Disclosure: This product was sent for review. All opinions and my newly discovered love for Dyson is completely my own.

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I’ve always heard about Dyson vacuums but for some reason I never believed the hype. I heard about how they were the best of the best and that they cleaned better than any other vacuum on the market. Again, I didn’t believe it – I just stuck with my $30 Walmart vacuum because if it broke (which many of ours have) I could easily replace it.

Well friends, I am officially admitting right here that I was wrong. This Dyson (we have the DC65 Animal Upright) has completely changed everything. This thing is just so cool I don’t even know where to start.



Putting it together was a breeze and the final product is just absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve ever called a vacuum “gorgeous” before, but this one is. It is a lovely shade of purple (right on trend for this year) and it is just built so beautifully. It’s incredibly sturdy and well made.


The ball at the base allows the vacuum to easily maneuver around everything – and I really put this to the test because I’ve got lots baby items (baby bouncers, swings, toys, etc.). I would get so frustrated using our old vacuum, always have to work in straight lines – with the Animal you can easily twirl and whirl this bad boy around, it’s great!



See what it says in the image above? It’s got twice the suction of any other vacuum that was studied, that’s a huge deal! We have two cats, a dog, and two messy little ones (and two messy adults) in our home – we needed a vacuum that could keep up with all of the occupants in this house. And believe me, with all the pet hair – we need all of the suction we can get! I was amazed at how well it picked up Emma’s dog hair – she sheds more than the cats do and it feels like with my old vacuum I would have to go over the same spot 100 times to get a single spot clean. Well, not with this vacuum!

Check out this BEFORE & AFTER photo:


Crazy, huh? It picked up EVERYTHING and made the rug look brand-spankin’-new! Oh, and did I mention that this was after I had vacuumed the rug with my old vacuum? That’s how powerful this Dyson is!

It picks up all of the dirt and hair, comes with all of the parts you need, and I don’t have to worry about it breaking because it’s built using the same materials as riot shields and crash helmets – perfect for a household with a toddler who loves to knock things over (like mine!). It also traps allergens and expels cleaner air!

Check out all of these cool attachments it comes with:


Pretty much anything you need cleaned, this Dyson can get it done. Couches, rugs, hard wood floors, carpet, even if you just want to dust! It’s simply amazing. There are two settings – a carpet setting and a hard floor setting. I can literally go from the living room to the kitchen with the push of a button. No sweeping, the vacuum adjusts!

I know that I’m ranting and raving about this vacuum, but I’m honestly telling you that I LOVE it. It has made cleaning so much easier! I can use the wand to reach places I never could before (I’m short) and I can do it with ease. It makes me want to vacuum all the time because it makes our floors look amazing – I just can’t say enough good things about this little purple miracle!

To learn more and to see why Dyson vacuums are the bees-knees, visit them here:

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Now, I’m off to vacuum!