Today the hubby and I went to Goodwill. I like to go once a week to just putz around and sometimes I find things that I just have to save. Because I go every week, I know what doesn’t sell. And usually, after enough time passes the prices start to go down, and I start to pity these poor items. This was the case today.
Two different items, both unwanted.
I couldn’t stand it, all they need is a bit of TLC people!
Before some TLC:
{The table, I’m naming him Malcolm. Scratched up, and only $1.99!}

{Mason liked him as soon as he came in the door}

{I swear she does this ONLY when the camera is on}

{And here’s a beautiful milk glass lamp who’s rusty, dirty and $3.99}

{We’ll name her Victoria, for the sake of the story}

{She had no shade, poor girl!}


{I made Victoria a new shade by recovering an old white one with a beige pillow case,
then I just added some ribbon and a felt flower}
{I sanded, primed, and then painted Malcolm Jade}

And now, they’ll live happily ever after!

The End.