It all started at Christmas time when my friend Natalie got me two bath bombs from Target. After using those bath bombs, I wanted/needed more. The brand from Target cost somewhere around $6 each- and that of course was not acceptable. So, I searched the internet and came across LUSH.
I had never heard of the company before- but saw that they were having a huge sale, so I ordered a few things.
Here’s what I got:
Winter Bath Bomb
Just drop this bad boy in the tub and it fizzes and makes your bath milky and moisturizing, also smells minty and delicious.
Sumo Santa
Makes the bath water red, and again so moisturizing, smells like citrus- and it doesn’t hurt that he’s adorable!
Snow Fairy Body Wash
Ugh, amazing. Smells like a cupcake, very sweet and delicious!

Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar

I rub this on my pregnant belly- it’s basically a lotion bar and really helps with dry skin! Also, it smells like vanilla lavender, which are two of my favorite smells.

Lil’ Lush Pud Bath Bomb

Another bath fizzy, smells like Christmas. Very strong clove scent, also cute.
It’s also probably good to mention that the products are all natural and handmade. So my question to you ladies is…
Have you tried any of LUSH’s products?
If so, what are your favorites?

Please tell me there are others out there that love this stuff as much as me…. please?