So, as you know – I’ve been trying to get healthier.
I’ve been changing what I eat,
working out,
and making healthier decisions.
I weighed myself today and I was 183.
I am shocked at how fast the weight is falling off.
It is such hard work – but it is SO worth it.
My clothes are starting to fit looser.
Things that I haven’t been able to fit into are starting to actually fit.
And I am feeling on top of the world about it.
It makes all of those nightly runs,
all of those passed-up ice creams and cookies,
all of those healthy (and way smaller) meals –
worth it.

I came across this quote & it really motivated me – it feels like something I could have written myself.


Slowly, and surely – food is starting to become less of a comfort for me.
I feel like I was just out of control before – eating whatever I wanted – whenever I wanted.
And then I would look in the mirror and feel terrible about what was staring back at me..
and the cycle would begin all over again.

It feels so good to take a stand, and to see & feel the changes.
My husband says he can notice it the most in my face –
but I feel like I am losing the most in my waist.

But weight aside – my energy is up.
And with a walking/running little one around – that is like a miracle. seriously.

I’m so excited to continue – to keep up the motivation – and to meet my goals. 

I just wanted to thank you all again for the support.
It gives me an extra “boost” in achieving my goals and I really appreciate it!

Until the next update,