Yesterday night at around six, I noticed Wyatt getting a little stuffy. Really congested, bad coughs – the works. My little bug has a bit of a bug, his first ever. So I sat with him in the bathroom with the shower on as hot as it could go and we “steamed” for a bit. Then out came the dreaded bulb and the sucking of the boogers began. Not fun business I tell ya. So today we are taking it easy at home, snuggling up and just relaxing. While he was napping I browsed the internet and discovered the cutest line of diaper bags I have ever seen. The style is Yummy Mummy and they are from a company called Pink Lining based out of the UK. This is my favorite, it’s called Blue Lost Meadow and it’s $120. So, I probably won’t be getting this for a very looooonnng time. Because things like this just don’t have a place in our budget. But it would make a great gift ….{hint, hint hubby!} Anyhow, I just had to share the cuteness of these bags!