This week Wyatt got a new car seat. Because he is a big boy {21.25lbs} and he is over the weight limit for his infant seat. For some reason the picking, purchasing, and installing the seat was no big deal- but when I put him in that “big boy” seat for the first time.. my head started to spin.
It feels like just yesterday I found out I was pregnant.
Just yesterday I was staring at this little piece of plastic with such disbelief. After 8 months of trying, after thinking it was impossible, there it was- proof that I was going to become a mother.

And as he grew in my stomach, from the size of a peanut…
To the size of what felt like a watermelon… My love for him grew as well.
And then the day came, the best day of my life. The day he was born and I was able to hold him, kiss him, and marvel at everything that was him.

In an instant he became the most important thing in my world, my treasure.

I knew this day would come, the day when I would have to take him out of his “baby seat”, out of that wrapping that made him look like a baked potato. But it came too fast. He’s growing too fast.
I just want it all to slooooooow down.

Here’s to slowing things down, enjoying every minute, and appreciating our blessings.