So we decided to visit my family in St. Louis and we were going to leave tomorrow. But, there is a snow storm heading toward Michigan- so we left today. I packed all three of us in about three hours, I was pretty impressed but left my house trashed. One good thing about road trips is just the time you have to talk- about things you don’t have the time to talk about normally. William and I got a chance to catch-up because with school, wyatt, his new job, etc. sometimes the day ends with us both passing out in bed, there is never really any down time. So, this trip has really been a blessing because it has forced me to take a deep breath- and relax.

We even stopped at a hotel! Wyatt loved the King sized bed. I laid out one of his blankets {because I’m one of those people who is weird about hotel sheets} and got out all of the toys that I had packed. He seriously was so happy, but probably just happy to be out of the car.

Ten Things I’ve Learned:

1. If they don’t have a changing table at Arby’s, you just might have to change your baby in the booth.
2. Fast food really doesn’t taste that great.
3. Holiday Inn shampoo smells like cinnamon.
4. I need to make more time for having conversations with my husband- because he’s hysterical.
5. Wyatt will fall asleep in the car within 10 minutes after eating.
6. King sized beds are just soooo much better than full sized. Yes, I have a full sized bed. It’s terrible.
7. Wyatt can make anyone in any state smile.
8. The air smells like chocolate outside the Nestle factory.
9. Indiana isn’t as boring as I thought it might be.
10. Hotels are crazy expensive, probably because of the cinnamon shampoo.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Welcome new followers- I promise I am not usually this boring {or at least I’d like to hope not}.

Happy Travels!