Are you ever out in public with your little one and you watch in what seems like slow motion as their binky falls from their mouth and onto the floor?
 In a panic, you search your diaper bag only to discover that you don’t have a back-up binky?
This has happened to me. many times.
So when I heard of a cleaning spray designed just for these moments, I had to review it.
{Don’t worry- I sprayed it on my finger and tasted it before I let Wyatt’s binky near it. And it doesn’t taste bad- it really doesn’t have a taste at all!}
Binky Spritz’s label reads:
 ” Safe to swallow, alcohol free, all natural ingredients, no added sugar, non-toxic (NO BPA’S)”.
So, in order to put this product to the test- I threw it in my diaper bag and went about my day.

And surprise, surprise. Wyatt dropped his binky just as we were about to head into the grocery store.

So I picked it up, quickly used the Binky Spritz and popped it back in his kisser.
And he didn’t flinch.
It was like the dropping of the binky had never occurred at all.
Phew. That was close.
So, Wyatt and I definitely give this product our stamp of approval!
And, we like that a portion of every bottle sold goes to children’s charities!

This is something that should be a staple in every momma’s diaper bag. Binky Spritz can also be used to clean sippy cups, bottles, toys, table tops, etc.. I can think of so many times that I’ve had to wipe down the high chairs at restaurants with baby wipes. Not anymore.
To learn more about Binky Spritz, click here.
So, what do you think? Is this something you think you’d like?
Comment and let me know your thoughts!
{This product was sent to me for review- this is my real opinion. I do not accept products for review that I don’t think are worth mentioning to you. I truly recommend this! If you have a product you’d like me to review, please contact me @ [email protected] so we can determine if it is a good fit for this blog.}

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