I never envisioned myself as an entrepreneur, yet starting Knot Forgotten and learning all about owning a small business has become one of the most satisfying things to occur in my life thus far. My name is Kimberly Fermaint, and I am a part-time teacher and the founder/owner of Knot Forgotten.

After graduating college and battling the rough road to finding employment, I eventually landed a job in my local school district. And while thrilled to be teaching, I needed to find a more creative outlet for my new found free time. I have always been a DIY-girl and I majored in art for 3 years in college, so when my father and stepmother asked me to create some props for their photography business, a light bulb went off.

It took several months for me to narrow down the ideas of what I wanted Knot Forgotten to be about. I struggled with having to pick only a handful of items to create and showcase. So when it finally came time to bring Knot Forgotten to life, I realized that I wanted the focus of this business to be creating memories.

Knot Forgotten really consists of two product lines. The first is the result of my deep desire to work with wood and paint, a hobby that began in high school when I worked on set designs for the school plays. I totally enjoy waking up early and going to Home Depot in my little truck, rubbing elbows with contractors and designers. It’s funny because when I first began making trips there, the workers would ask if I needed help finding the garden center or some other section more likely to appeal to women. But after my trips became more regular, the employees and outside workers began sharing tips with me on the differences in the lumber and how to choose a proper drill bit. So, this product line is all about allowing customers to own a personalized and handmade item that truly speaks to their lives and styles

Customize my signs with quotes, names, and dates, and they are one of a kind.

The second line of Knot Forgotten stems from my work for my family’s photography business, Fermaint Photography. His wife is an award-winning baby photographer, and a baby photographer cannot live with out an extensive stash of props. ☺ Thus, enter Knot Forgotten. Hand-knit blankets and hats, custom-dyed wraps, and decorated baskets are only a brief sampling of what I can offer. Photographers are really great to work with, because they relish in the creative challenges of making things new again. I am always inspired by the customers to match backgrounds or work with a particular theme for a shoot.

I have truly been blessed with the support I have received for Knot Forgotten, and while some of my goals include reaching 100 sales by our first anniversary, making it into Martha Stewart Living, and being featured on the Nate Berkus Show, I am enjoying the process of building a small business. At this point, almost every conversation and sale are a milestone for Knot Forgotten – the first wedding sign, the first nursery blanket, the first blog review (thank you, Songbirds & Buttons!) – so everything is just quite exciting!

Kim graciously sent us a sign for review – and I feel so blessed to have the chance to share this wonderful Etsy shop with you!

Seriously folks. I’m in love
This sign is simply amazing – I got to personalize the whole thing. 
Yup, that’s right – every word up there is written by ME!

 I love the small touches that were made to the sign…
the things that make it extra special.

I love that it has our family name.

I love that it will be used as a daily reminder in our house.
One that will remind us of what is important
each & every day.

I was so blown away by the quality of the sign – 
the fact that it is hand painted makes me love it so much. 
 I smile every time I look at it.

this is me loving my new sign :
 Other items in the shop I’m loving:

Personalized 8×24 Wedding Wall Hanging

Seriously folks. Isn’t this shop adorable?
The shop owner is Kim is so sweet – and willing to work with you to customize a sign that can be a special piece of art for your family to treasure for years to come.
Her prices are so reasonable.
And because Kim is such a sweetheart– 
she’s offering up a discount code for you all that is valid until June 15th!
Just enter: SONGBIRDS for 15% off your purchase
I’ve seen signs like this run upwards of $60-$100. And I was shocked to discover that you could purchase a completely customized sign for $35 {under $30 with the discount!}.
Please. Please go and connect with Kim, use the special discount to get your family an amazing sign- and come back and tell us what you chose!!
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