I’m not a perfect mother – in fact I am basically just putting all of the pieces together as I go. If I have learned anything in this past year – it’s that I don’t always have to have control. You see, I’m kind of a control freak. I like things to be a certain way, go a certain way, basically just go my way. Which is a bad characteristic I know. But, little man {the one in the cute b-day hat} has taught me that life isn’t about controlling every situation – it’s about embracing every situation.

I remember the first few months with Wyatt – anytime we’d go anywhere I’d do my best to make sure he didn’t cry because when he did I would immediately get embarrassed and start passing out apologies. How silly was I? William would always say, “Kendall, he is just a baby!” But for some reason, I felt like all eyes were on me – that people were looking at me and thinking “Oh my goodness, look at that girl just letting her baby scream – she’s got to be the worst mother..,” as I would frantically start shaking a toy in front of Wyatt’s face or begin fumbling with the bottle cap as I tried to feed him.

The problem was – I cared too much about what people thought.

And that obsession with caring got real old – real quick. I realized I can’t live life that way – afraid of what others would think. Wyatt was just a baby {and still is} and people {including myself} have to realize that.

We aren’t always going to have days that run completely smooth.
There are going to be times when Wyatt is screaming, and I just have to do my best to handle the situation the best that I can.

Because I am doing my best. And that’s just got to be good enough.