Well, Wyatt – round your “round- two” birthday party was great!
There were very little tears – which made it so much more enjoyable for your dad and I.

You still didn’t like when everyone sang happy birthday..
So we made sure we had a bottle on standby.

The cake was a big hit!
And everyone loved your first birthday picture.

There were lots of yummy things to eat & you had your first taste of cheesy potatoes.
You loved them.

I’m happy that we were able to enjoy the party this time – and really get to talk to everyone. You were having such a great time crawling around and playing with all of your new toys. I still can’t believe you turned one this week. Maybe I’m still a little bit in denial. But, you’ll always be my baby – no matter how old you are. There was so much love in that room today Wyatt – so many people who smiled at you – kissed you – and told you how adorable you were. I feel so blessed to have those people in our lives. You deserve every ounce of love you received today.

I love you so much!

PS: Quit growing up so fast, mmkay?

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