Hi everyone! Just wanted to introduce one of my lovely sponsors for the month! Julie has the XL spot to the left – see that pretty humming bird? That’s her! And she is so sweet – I mean, she took a chance and sponsored me! Something that I appreciate so much!

So how about we get to know her a little better?

Here’s a note from Julie:

I am brand new to this blogging world. I almost wish I would’ve taking Blogonomics 101 in college to help me navigate though my new hobby. I learn something everyday. My husband has no clue when I mention blog hops, buttons, or unique visitors… My name is Julie Marling and I am from NaptimeReview. I just completed my first month of blogging and I am really enjoying it. I am a SAHM to 2 small girls and I have my Masters in Teaching and BS in Marketing and Sales. I love to find awesome and unique products and share them with my friends and family. I blog about health, fitness, education, and household items. I also share recipes and things to do with your kids. Most importantly, I contact companies and ask them to share special savings with my followers. My readers have received some great savings on meal planners, Babba box, 479 Popcorn, GiggleBellies, Vintage Pearl Jewelry, etc.

I have recently created 2 blog hops during the week. Feel free to link up and join Mom’s Monday Mingle and Favorite Product Fridays. I love blog hopping! It is a great way to network with others who share the same passion. In addition to the blog hops, I am in the process of creating a blog hop directory. After wasting hours of time on the computer not being able to find active blog hops, I decided I need to create a directory where it is managed and also people are given a chance to promote or advertise their blog hop. Therefore, I was inspired me to create THE BLOG LOG! I would love for you to add your hop or help spread the word! I am truly grateful to find such a great hobby and to meet some awesome virtual ladies out there. I love how the blogging community supports and helps one another. 

So what are you waiting for? Go say hello! 🙂

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