This weekend was just what I needed.
A little break from reality and some good ‘ol quality time with my little fam. On Saturday we woke up early and went driving around looking for garage sales, we went to a subdivision garage sale and brought along some iced coffee and the stroller. It was so much fun just walking outside together in the sunshine. 
We’ve been looking for the perfect lamp shade for Wyatt’s room and I just happened to come across it at the sub sale. The house had an entire Pottery Barn kids themed room set there- I would have bought the matching quilt and rug but they were both stained beyond repair. 
I love the detailing of the red stitches this shade has – now I just need to find a matching lamp! I’m still putting the finishing touches on his nursery. After his first birthday {the 30th} we are going to move him into his own room – or at least that’s what we’ve been saying….
But, when he is in his room – he can see this cute little shade:

Next, we stopped off at Target.

For no particular reason other than the fact that I am slightly addicted to Target.

We came across the clearance section – which has some weird gravitational pull affect on me.

I can’t help but look, and I am so happy that I did – because I found this:

I looked online and you can find the same duvet cover {with 2 shams}here
The leaf patterned pillow cases here
{The green polka dot body pillow was from when I was pregnant with Wyatt, I got it at Walmart}

But, the coolest part about this weekend happened today when Wyatt had his first bubble bath! 
I had been searching for a bubble bath that was completely natural – something that would be good to Wyatt’s skin and after looking at reviews online {and finding a $1 off coupon} I settled with the Yes to baby Carrots bubble bath.
As soon as Wyatt got into the tub – he didn’t put his arms down for a full minute. The bubbles freaked him out. But after seeing me touch them and swirl the water around he decided that they were best friends. I watched as his little dimpled hands dipped under water and emerged covered in bubbly goodness.
And every so often he would look up at me and smile – like this:

Sometimes he is just SO sweet.