I remember when I first started this blog.
It’s original purpose was for me to have a place to keep and store all of my DIY projects.
Yup, this was once a blog all about crafting.
If you look back far enough – you can see a ton of my old crafting projects.

That was B.W. (before Wyatt).
I still keep tabs on the crafting community and crafting will always hold my interest.
But momma blogs are now taking over my reading list.
I love learning from other moms – I love connecting and interacting with them.
I think the blogging community is so amazing.

And everything I thought was completely confirmed the other day – when I posted about my weight.
I was so floored at the response that post got.
So many of you took time out of your day – and wrote such beautiful and uplifting messages.

I sat in the dark (I do the majority of my blogging at night)
and my eyes were glued to the light of the screen.

I cried.

Yeah, I’ll admit it – y’all made me cry.

I want to thank you – from the very bottom of my heart.
You will never truly know how much those words meant.
How amazing they made me feel –

You have fueled me.

I cannot wait to share my progress as I continue on this journey.
I am so grateful to have you by my side –
to have your support, your warm wishes, and your love.

forever grateful,