Dear Wyatt,
  • I can’t believe how much you have grown this past month (not just in height). I have seen you do so much – like walk! Not just take a few steps and fall, but really walk across a room. I am so incredibly proud of you! What an amazing accomplishment.
  •  I love that you have sparked a love for reading – and the library! It is so much fun to take you there to pick out new books, go to story time and to mingle with the other little tots. You are so smart! What’s even more fun is watching you flip through the books on your own instead of playing with your toys. I love how you’ll just walk over to your book bin and pick out what you want. I feel like our goal to spend less time with the tv on and more time reading together has really paid off. 
  • Oh, and did I mention you went for your FIRST swim this month! You did such a great job! You weren’t scared at all (as long as your momma was holding you – which made me feel very special). I was surprised at how much you enjoyed it – it was like one big bath to you. You started splashing with your hands and eventually yelling to your daddy who was playing with you and engaging you the whole time. Your Puppa was also there – man, we all were so impressed and proud of you on that day. By the end of the swimming session you had a j-lo booty (if by the time you read this you don’t know who j-lo is, just look her up – I’m sure you won’t be sorry).
    • It seems that with each passing month, you get sweeter and sweeter. I see how loving you are towards others (especially animals). In fact, I think you just might like animals more than you like people – which is fine – I was the same way. I love that you love our kitty Mason, and snuggle with her daily. I love that you think any dog is hilarious and laugh almost immediately at the sight of them (especially when they run or jump).
    •  And trains. Well, we went to the library and you discovered there amazing train table. The rest is history – because you completely fell in love. You played there for about half an hour before we took a milk break and sat down to read some books. But after that bottle was empty, and those books were finished, you wiggled your hardest to try to break free and head back over to that table. I’m guessing this love of trains is here to stay – because your Puppa bought you a wooden train set, just like the library.
    •  And dear boy, the thing I have noticed the most in the past month is the love you have for me. You make more of an effort to hold hands now – in fact, you would probably like to hold hands all the time! We snuggle all the time and you give way more kisses now. You are such a little love bug. Everyone keeps telling me to enjoy this – to enjoy you while you are in this phase. And baby, you bet I am.

    I love you so much.