Seriously, is there anything cuter?
Wyatt is finally able to fit into some of his hand-me-downs from his cousin Brady.
And boy does he look cute.
We have been so busy lately – this dapper dude and I.
Painting, coloring, going to the library, reading books, and any other fun activity we can find.
William and I had a conversation about how we need to interact more with Wyatt –
How we need to be teaching him more.
And even if it may seem repetitive to us – it’s beneficial to him.
So we’ve set aside time each day to do activities that all revolve around a general theme.
Like the other day when we sponge painted, and then went over what colors we used.
It was so much fun! And I really dove deep into researching other fun projects that we could do together.
Because, let’s face it.
Being a stay-at-home mom during the day can sometimes get boring.
You can’t go out everyday because it’s just too expensive.
And you don’t want to just plop down in front of the tv either.

I’ve got a huge craft closet with lots of goodies – so why not use them, right?

Art Gallery – Wyatt & Cousin Sydney’s Art
I’ve started a board on my Pinterest with all of the activities I could find.
I also came across this blog that has lots of fun things to try as well!
I’m going to develop a “lesson plan” each week with activities and books that all relate to one another.
Then I’ll write them down on a calendar and put it up on the refrigerator – so everyone is on the same page.
I’m pretty excited about this.

What are some of your favorite activities to do with your little one?
Do you have a particular site or blog you go to for ideas?
Please share!