My goodness.
It’s something my husband will never understand.
The excitement I get everytime I find a new piece to add to my collection. 
– this is not the full collection –
They are just so darn pretty. 
And the colors – oh the beautiful colors.
I love the hunt for different patterns, colors, styles.
I love finding them for cheap (because they are so expensive on ebay & etsy).
The most expensive piece was the pink gooseberry bowl.
It was $12 and doesn’t really count because my mother bought it for me. (thanks mom!).

What do you collect? 
Do you have an intense, burning love for vintage Pyrex too?
Please tell me I’m not the only one!
PS: If you are a fellow Pyrex lover & haven’t checked out The Pyrex Collective blog, please do so. 

Warning: You might faint. Thanks Kimberly for the heads up!