Today his clothes don’t have to match.
he can watch his favorite shows.
he can have his bottle all day.
he is the first priority, today, and always.
Today he’ll get lots of kisses.
he’ll snuggle in our bed with his favorite blanket.
he’ll get read his favorite books.
and get rocked in the glider until his eyes become heavy –
and close.
Because today 3 4 large teeth (#5,6,7, & 8) broke through.
today his gums are swollen like crazy.
and today he is in so much pain.
It’s never easy to see your baby in distress. It is such a helpless feeling. You do all that you can – but it only eases the pain, it doesn’t stop it. By far, it’s the most difficult part of motherhood (for me). Worse than the sleepless nights, worse than the tantrums. For me, nothing is worse than the worrying.

PS: If you have any teething tips please leave them in the comments! xo.