Lately we’ve been extremely lazy.
The antibiotics pretty much kick Wyatt’s beeeee-hind and make him very sleepy.
So we’ve been cuddled up a lot – and reading books a lot.
Which is fine by me – those are two of my favorite things to do with him.

We did put up our fall decorations one day last week –
but since then – it’s just been like that same skipping record.

Like groundhog’s day – except for two weeks.
The good news is that Wyatt is feeling a little bit better.
The bad news is I think he may have picked up a cold.
William and I woke up last night to him screaming (as it’s been for 2 weeks) –
but this time his little nose was full of snot.
I got out the ‘ol nose sucker and haven’t put it back since.

This poor kid can’t get a break.
But this whole situation has forced William and I to take one.
Being home caring for Wyatt has made us both really stop and take a moment to appreciate him.

made this wreath 2 years ago – still love it! DIY tutorial here.

I love our little family so much.
At one point last night all three of us were snuggled on the couch.
Covered in blankets – sitting together.
And it was perfect.
Just the three of us.
And it made me remind myself of how lucky I am.
How blessed William and I both are.
I would take these “sick” days over days without Wyatt anytime.
Because he is the light in my darkness.
Who knew becoming a mother would change me so incredibly much.

*A special shout-out to the folks at Nuby for kindly sending Wyatt a new lovey, a sweet note, and some diaper cream. You completely made mine (and especially Wyatt’s) day. Your kindness really touched our hearts and we are feel so special. xo.

How’s your week going?๏ปฟ


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