Do you love to paint with your little ones?
I absolutely LOVE painting with Wyatt.

I just love to watch him as he picks up + looks at all of the different colored paint.
I watch as his brow furrows in deep contemplation over what brush or sponge he will use next.

And most of all, I love to watch his little hand as it softly drags the brush across the canvas.

I found this really cool circle sponge (it’s actually for stenciling) and thought Wyatt and I could practice using it. He was in love! He absolutely loved making the little dots appear on the canvas!

To make the painting process a bit easier for both of us – I started off by adding dots of different color paints to the canvas. This way, he didn’t have to worry about choosing his own colors – or dipping his brushes. For now he just enjoys the smearing of the paint ๐Ÿ™‚

First he used the paint brushes and large sponges to help me paint from side to side – then he went in and added all of the dots.

And here’s the final project:

Turned out pretty good, right? I’m planning on making a run to the craft store to pick up some more canvases while they are on sale. I just love the look of Wyatt’s creation + I can’t wait to make more with him!

PS: Make sure you lay down a sheet before you start! Wyatt got paint ALL over himself + the sheet. I learned from a previous incident that covering the surrounding area is a MUST! lol