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the goods!

pyramid style.

When you think of diet food – you think of bland, no-good, yucky stuff – right?
Well, I did too.
And believe me – I’ve tried a lot of it.

I was sent these Jenny Craig snacks for review and I have to say I was pleasantly suprised.
The popcorn tasted like actual popcorn,
the cheese curls were cheesy,
and the cookies were just DELICIOUS.
Seriously, I had them with my afternoon coffee and they were crisp and just flat out awesome.
The s’mores bar actually tasted like s’mores!
I could get used to this!

After trying out these snacks – 
I am very intrigued about what the rest of the Jenny Craig food tastes like – 
which leads me to wonder…..

Have you ever tried Jenny Craig?
What was your experience?!
Disclosure: I was sent these snacks for free in exchange for an honest review. I speak the truth people! If you are interested in a product review you can email me here –> [email protected].