Hey everyone – remember when i posted about going to Frankenmuth here & here?
Well, right before we left – we got our newest Nuby shipment in the mail. 
So we took along the items to review over our vacation.
Here are the items, descriptions, what we thought – and where you can get some of your own!

Wacky Ware™ Bowl and Lid



“Nûby™ Wacky Ware™ has been designed to put the fun back into feeding. The microwave safe Wacky Ware™ Bowl is colourful, fun and functional to use and has a lid that seals tightly to prevent spills and store food. Made from tough, durable materials in bright colors and decoration makes it perfect for you and your toddler.” -Nuby

We really liked this bowl/lid combo – the colors make it fun and the lid actually STAYS on! We used it to give Wyatt his cheerios on the trip – if you look back at the photos you can actually see the bowl and cheerios :). I love that you can drop the bowl and nothing comes out – the lid clicks on and cannot be removed by tiny hands! 

You can purchase your own here or here.

No-Spill™ Easy Grip Cup

“WOW! Thanks to the Nûby™ valveless, leak resistant spout, your baby will find the transition from bottle to cup easier than ever. Since it is made from the same safe, soft silicone material as Nûby™ nipples, your child is comfortable with the feel and function of these No-Spill™ spouts. While the unique contour shape easily fits their small hands, the spout is still gentle on your child’s tender gums and emerging teeth. There are a variety of fun bright colors to choose from!” -Nuby

Wyatt didn’t like this cup as much as he liked the next one (the insulated no-spill cup), but he did use it. I think at this point – after all the cups we’ve tried – the insulated one has been his favorite.

You can purchase your own here , here , here , here , here.

Insulated No-Spill™ Cup



“The Nûby™ Insulated cups feature the No-Spill™ easy to use, easy to clean soft silicone spout that prevents spills and reduces leaks. The unique 1 piece valve promotes natural healthy drinking because it needs very little suction, allowing your child’s palate and teeth to grow naturally. The insulated base keeps drinks cooler for longer and prevents the cup from “sweating” reducing condensation and the risk of damage to furniture and work surfaces.” -Nuby

Wyatt loves this sippy. It is his favorite one yet! I don’t know why – but he just uses this one better than any of the rest. He is still chewing on the top rather than sucking – but it gets the milk out. And I love that this cup keeps his milk colder for longer. It’s actually saved us from pouring out and refilling! Also, the designs are adorable too!

You can purchase your own here.

Tub Time Turtle™


“Nuby’s new Tub Time Turtle™ is another fun and interactive bath time toy from Nûby™. Tub Time Turtle™ floats on the water’s surface so it is always within easy reach. Lift Tub Time Turtle™ out of the water to experience waterfall fun!”-Nuby

Okay, this thing is awesome. Wyatt is all into the little waterfall it makes when lifted out of the water – he thinks it is so cool! We loved using this in the HUGE tub on vacation (see photo below). He spent about an hour and a half playing in the tub!

You can purchase your own here or here.

Nursery Rhymers™ Singing Plush

“Check out these soft and adorable plush characters by Nûby™! By hugging (or squeezing their tummy!) each character begins to play a familiar and fun children’s nursery rhyme. Have fun choosing between the variety of plush characters- or better yet, collect them all!”-Nuby

Anything that makes noise when you squeeze it is guaranteed to make Wyatt smile. Which is why he absolutely loves these stuffed animals. Not just these ones in particular, but all of the Nuby collections that we have reviewed. The material is SO soft – they are SO snuggly – and we just adore them!

You can purchase your own here or here.

Have you tried any products lately that you absolutely love?
Please share in the comments below!

Disclosure: All of these items were sent to Wyatt and I for review. We are not getting paid to review these products – we are just asked to share our honest opinions about them. I am giving my honest opinion (and I always will!). If you’re interested in becoming a Nuby mommy blogger – follow along with their social media!