Disclosure: I was loaned this car for one week to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.
Hey there!

My husband and I were lucky enough to drive this schnazzy car for a week on loan. We knew in advance that we were going to get the car so we scheduled a much-needed date night! We dropped the boys off at their Puppa’s house and hit the road!


We spent most of the time just driving around by the lake – it was such a beautiful day – perfect to cruise with the top down on the car. We stopped in at Red Lobster and had a nice meal together (it’s our favorite date night spot). After dinner we did some more crusin’! 



I have to be honest though – this car is teeny tiny. It kind of made me feel like a giant when I was driving it. I’m so used to driving my mom car that I forgot how different it was to drive something like this. The convertible top was such a treat! You never realize what you’re missing – and it made me realize that someday I would love to have a car just like this. One day, when the kids are grown and there aren’t car seats, strollers, etc. This little two-seater would be perfect for William and I to drive around in ;). 


Driving around, listening to music, and enjoying the beautiful day was just what we needed. It’s funny how a good date night can just refresh you completely. You’re more relaxed, happier, and just feel like so much stress has melted away. Sometimes moms & dads just need a break! But the whole time I was driving the car I was thinking about how much Wyatt would love riding in it when he’s older. Typical mom brain for ya!

IMG_3870 IMG_3871

So, what do you think?

Do you need a date night ride in one of these babies?