Wyatt, William, and I had such a blast doing this together. We got out Wyatt’s play rug, flipped it over to the “paint”side, and got to work. I saw this idea on Pinterest awhile back and it’s been on my mind ever since. The one I saw was done on a canvas – but canvas is expensive, and I try to rummage through the craft closet before starting projects to use materials we already have. 
We used paint from the frame project, and cups & an old gift box from Wyatt’s first birthday. William and Wyatt ended up getting paint on eachother – but that was half the fun. And Wyatt was excited that the project ended with a bubble bath. We ended up cutting up the final product into four separate pieces that we could not only keep one for ourselves, but also send them to his grandparents. What a fun surprise when they go to get the mail!
Have you done any fun holiday crafts?
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