I know what you’re thinking.
You want to come over and play, right?!

As you know I’ve been Pinning Christmas craft ideas like crazy – and slowly, we’ve been working through them one by one. Well this one just HAD to be done. I asked the hubby to bring home a box from work, and BOY did he bring home a box. I’m not sure of the exact size, but it’s HUGE!
And what’s even cooler – Wyatt’s Puppa (William’s Dad) made this cool little tool at work to make punching the holes a breeze! It would have taken SO much longer with a pen! The original pin was just a box and lights – but I wanted to create a space that Wyatt could lounge in to read his books and play with his favorite lovies (aka pooh bear). I just added a quilt and some pillows and he was good to go! He loves reading his books in there – it’s a great alternative to the tee pee that I’ve been wanting to make, (and cheaper too!).

So what do you think?
Want to come over and play in the light cave!?

Here is the original pin: