It’s no shocker that I am a lover of all things Christmas.
And I love passing that onto Wyatt.
I love that this year he is really able to experience Christmas.

He loves looking at the lights on the tree.
He loves playing with our little Santa figurine.
And he’s really enjoying watching some of our favorite holiday movies too!

We were shopping last week and I passed this gingerbread house kit in the isle.
We always suffer from “at-home-boredom” on those days that seem especially long –
so I figured I would pick up this kit for one of those days.

It didn’t go quite like I had originally imagined.
In fact, he ended up eating most of the frosting and stealing the candy off of the roof –
but who’s keeping track?

All that mattered to me was that we were doing something fun –
and doing something together.

Have you done a holiday project with your little on lately?
Please share!

PS: if you happen to come across a gingerbread man and a gingerbread tree – please let us know.. they’ve gone “missing”.

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