Hey there everyone! Do you feel like you go out to eat constantly? It’s a HUGE waste of money and I have to admit that we have been guilty of it around these parts. It got so bad that we were going out for 3-4 meals a WEEK. Yeah, serious laziness there. So we are putting a stop to it! I was browsing Pinterest the other day and decided that I would make more of an effort to cook meals at home. And so far it’s been a huge eye-opener for me.

Not only are we eating better foods, but I am actually enjoying the cooking process. I search for recipes using ingredients that we have – or I just search for fun meal ideas that we’d like to try. I pin everything to this board, and then if I end up making it (and liking it) I re-pin it to this board here.

So far I’ve made (and loved) two meals.

On Saturday night I prepped and started this Baked Potato Slow-Cooker Soup. My husband and father-in-law enjoyed it while watching football on Sunday. And let me tell you – it was FANTASTIC! It was easy to make and I felt so proud that I actually made it!

On Sunday night I decided to prep something a little bit more difficult. I’m working in baby steps people! I picked this Baked Ziti Recipe – I used different noodles but everything else was the same. It turned out great and we still have a TON leftover that we’ve been heating up. I am finding that prepping the night before is the way to go – because during the day things just get too crazy – which is probably why we were eating out so much before. Because it’s easier.

But, to be honest. We are saving a ton of money cooking from home – and we have a fridge stocked with yummy things to re-heat at all times. Which is great because I am constantly hungry being over 7 months pregnant! We are going to plan some nights as leftover nights but try to make easy meals as often as we can. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it a whole week without going out to eat!

So tell me, how often do you cook from home?
How many times per week does your family go out to eat?
Do you have a recipe that is easy enough for me to make? 
Leave the link in the comments!