Words. We hear them. We see them. We read them. We are them. What words describe you? 
What life are you living? What world are you breathing? Lately, I have found myself up late at night, restless, tired, yet ready to take on the world, full of energy, mind is spinning with WORDS and the questions above. Am I doing just enough to get through the days? Am I doing all that God has called me to do? Am I even aware of the calling? One word that keeps coming to my mind is Inspiration.
I am known to be too tough on myself. I can be my own worst enemy yet I crave the one who inspires the most. God. He is my inspiration above all. There were times before when he wasn’t. Times where I could have been doing far better than I chose and times where I wasn’t doing enough and I missed awesome opportunities. I never lost the inspiration though.
I had to dig deeper and go through trials to bring me to a better understanding of what he was inspiring me to do. I am still a work in progress. We all are. We work so hard at our jobs, our families, our relationships, and more, but we are all still a work in a progress. We always will be and that’s a good thing. We want to achieve new goals, love deeper, give more, smile often, hurt less, whatever it may be each day is a new dawn. A new dawn to be more like Jesus in this world. Isn’t that inspiring?
I see blog posts, crafts, magazines for the top twenty chicken recipes, pinterest pins that can totally transform my home and my body, and I see these, and I get it. Inspiration. Does it move me? Does it change my world? For the longest time in my life I would say some of these things inspire me. But as God breaks and molds me into this person he needs me to be I get it. These are not the inspirations that will move me.These are the inspirations the world wants me to see and go crazy for.
When I started writing my blog this past year it was pure obedience to the Lord. I really wasn’t sure what I getting myself into. There are have been days I got lost comparing myself to other blogs and days I felt good about what I wrote. Some days I even wanted to stop writing. Too afraid to share my true self, my hurts, fears, my greatest accomplishments, or my family. But this blog is not for my glory. It is for God’s glory. Most of my stories come from deep secrets in the corners of my heart. Pain that could have destroyed my life. Hurts that I felt and I have made others feel. Choices that I can only learn from and so much more.
God is my inspiration and I hope yours too.
Others can inspire us and I am inspired by everyone I meet. My focus is that God is first and it is all for him. When we lose focus on God we are living with inspiration of the world. Please understand me. Let God’s inspiration move you to challenge yourself, step out of your comfort zone and go beyond this world. Let your light shine for all to see. My word. Inspiration. I hope this inspires you to dig deeper with God. To let go of fears that are holding you back. To forgive. To love deeper. To meet Jesus for the first time. 
Your life is your message to the world. 
Let’s be an inspiration.