Due to my lovely fertility treatments, I haven’t really been myself lately.
I’ve been overly-tired, and a little very moody.
So, I’ve been taking it easy and trying to slow myself down a bit – which can sometimes be hard.

I napped with Wyatt the other day – and just watched as he slept.
There is something so peaceful about a little one sleeping.
It puts me at peace just watching him.
So I made sure to soak that in – and ended up falling asleep right next to him.

We’ve also been playing school a bit at home.
I’ve been making little lesson plans for Wyatt and I to do during the day.
Something along the lines of flash cards, books, and activities – and it’s been a lot of fun.
He absolutely loves books, so I am trying to really spend a good chunk of the day reading with him.

And today we made our very first snowman together!
Wyatt didn’t really care for actually “making” the snowman, but he watched as William and I worked on it and his Puppa pulled him around in his sled. I love being together and doing things like this as a family. It makes my heart so happy just looking at that snowman picture – because it reminds me about how much love we all have for each other.

What have you been up to lately?
And when is the last time you made a snowman?