Hi there!
Today we’re sharing a fun Foam Painting Activity that I actually stole from Wyatt’s teacher, Mrs. B. She whipped up this mix in class for Wyatt and I couldn’t believe how simple & awesome it was! So, naturally I had to share it with you all because I just know your little ones will love it!
What you’ll need:
  • Men’s white shaving cream
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • Washable Paint in various colors
  • Bowls for mixing
  • Spatula 
  • Craft Paper

How to Mix: 

  1.  Add a few drops of paint to the bottom of your mixing bowl (you can always add more later if you want a more vibrant color).
  2. Squeeze about a TBS of Elmer’s Glue into the bowl on top of the paint.
  3. Fill the rest of the bowl with shaving cream.
  4. Mix well.

Once you’ve got your foam made – get to work! We used black paper because the colors showed up so well on it! Wyatt painted with his hands and the spatula – and what’s great is it doesn’t matter if it gets on the carpet (which it did) or your child’s skin because it washes off perfectly!

So, just let them go crazy and have a blast with this foam paint! The texture is thick and foamy and perfect for sensory play. When you’re done just hang it to dry!

Warning: This project IS messy. So you’ll probably want to gather up goodies for a bubble bath for afterwards!