A few weeks ago I signed up for my first Influence Network class called “Parenting Littles”. I recorded the date and time in my planner and literally counted down the days. I was so excited! The class was taught by the wonderful Hayley over at The Tiny Twig.

And let me tell you something folks, I learned SO much.

In this class we talked about the struggles we have with parenting. We talked about the goals that we have for our little ones, and what we can do as mothers to make the most of every moment. One of the most important things that I took away from the class was a personal goal that I need to work on myself. Letting go of perfection. Often times I’ll get frustrated with myself, because something I’m doing doesn’t go exactly how I envisioned it. I put too much pressure on each action and if I want perfection each and every day – I’ll end up disappointed.

Another great lesson Hayley taught me was that life moves in seasons. Every season (period in time) will not be the same. Some will be harder than others, but each will pass. I think this is a great way to think – especially when times are rough. It’s a reminder that it will eventually pass, and you’ll begin a new season with a fresh start.

Today when Wyatt really wasn’t acting like himself, and the day was beginning to get extremely stressful. I had to take a moment and breathe. I took a step back and gave myself a little pep talk.

Okay, Kendall.
Today is rough, but it will pass.
How can we start this day over and end it with a positive vibe? 
I decided to make a huge bubble bath and include all of Wyatt’s favorite tub toys. I even put on my swim suit and hopped in with him. His mood immediately changed. He went from upset to happy in mere minutes. And in that moment – when I was splashing and listening to Wyatt laugh, I secretly thanked Hayley.
Sometimes all it takes is for someone else to put things in prospective.