The first time around I thought we “needed” everything. Wyatt’s nursery was filled with things we didn’t even end up using. Like his changing table. We “had” to have a changing table, changing pad, and a cute changing pad cover. To be honest, we didn’t use it once! Not once! I always just plopped him on the floor and changed him there.

We are going to be moving into our first house in June. Plenty of time to get the baby’s nursery ready before he or she gets here.

We’re upgrading from our small 2 bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom house (for about the same price!). We got lucky. And I am incredibly excited to move! It won’t officially be ours – because we’ll be renting. But I can’t even begin to express how excited I am to put in end to our apartment living and actually have some space – and a YARD!!

Anywhoo, I’ve been Pinning some inspiration on my Pinterest compiling a group of nurseries that I absolutely love. We will be re-using most of Wyatt’s goodies which is all sage green Winnie the Pooh but I can’t wait to add all of the little touches to make the room the baby’s own. I’m really loving the woodland nurseries – more natural – less fuss.

Check out some of my favorite nurseries + let me know what you think:

Which are your favorites? 
Do you love white, simple nurseries or the bold and colorful ones?
Please share links to your nurseries if you have ’em!