Wyatt’s 2nd birthday party was family only and very small. It felt good to not have to throw two parties (one for each side of the family) this year. I was able to relax and not get all freaked out having two parties back to back.

I love picking out the decorations for parties, I love baking, I love putting everything together. But the actual party – I kind of don’t like them. Something about all of those people, worrying about if everyone is comfortable, I don’t know – the day of the party I’m just frazzled. There is always someone complaining about something, you know what I mean. So by the time it’s all over I am actually really relieved. I’m not the hostess type – unless it’s for maybe 3-4 people.

Wyatt had a great time – he started to get sleepy about half way through so that’s when things went south. We actually had to leave before all of the guests had gone. But, they didn’t mind. It was nice to see everyone and be able to visit and enjoy some good food. There were pulled pork sandwiches, mac and cheese, cheesy potatoes, salad, and lots and lots of desserts!

He was spoiled as usual and got lots of nice things from everyone. Our CARS themed party was a huge hit for all of Wyatt’s cousins – they all knew who the characters were!

I still can’t believe my little man is 2!!

Decorations: All from Target, Walmart, and Party City. The cupcake toppers were made with duct tape and lollipop sticks. Paper straws were from Michael’s.