Sometimes its hard to decide which direction to go.
Most cases I end up just following my heart but for the first time in a long time it seems as if my compass is just continuously spinning – directionless.
I’m digging deep and pulling my hands up empty.

Levi’s final and full results are coming at the end of the week and I am just so nervous. I know in the long run everything will be okay, I know that our family is supported by many, and it’s nice to know we have that security net to fall back on. I just also know that this journey will be very, very, difficult. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared. I’m just praying for good results.

Today my neighbor came over with some fresh-picked berries from his Mulberry bush. Every time we’re leaving the house and he’s outside he’ll tell us we are free to pick berries whenever we want. But things have just been so crazy – we haven’t had the chance to head over. But today, his act of kindness just really touched my heart. It was totally random – Wyatt and I were just playing upstairs when I heard his knocks on the door. And when I opened it I saw this little old man holding a container of red, ripe, berries. That image has just been stuck in my head for hours. He was just standing there smiling – then he told me to wash them off real good – he smiled again, and then left.

It’s something so simple – a gesture so small – that can be so BIG and mean SO much for someone who really needs it.