As you may know (if you’ve read this blog before) Wyatt is a little obsessed with bath time. It’s his favorite part of the day! I love to spice things up for him and plan other activities that will still keep bath time both fun and educational. Sometimes we will do learning activities in the tub if they are really messy and then finish up the play session with a nice big bubble bath! I’ve searched the Internet and put together a list of 10 things that we can’t wait to try at bath time and I had to share them with you because honestly, they are just too cool!

  1. Kool-aid Scented Sensory Baths / Bath Activities for Kids
  2. Color Sort Ball Toss Game / Bath Activities for Kids
  3. Bath Salts / Bath Activities for Kids
  4. DIY Bath Crayons / Made By Laks
  5. DIY Bath Paints / The Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen
  6. DIY Puffy Bathtub Paint / Apartment Therapy
  7. Fishing for Letters / Pigtails and Tutus
  8. Polka Dot Bath / Play Create Explore
  9. Craft Foam Bath Play / Teach Beside Me
  10. DIY Bath Fizzies / Martha Stewart Crafts
Does your child have a favorite bath time activity?
Have you tried any of these before?