Being thankful for what I have, and not dreaming about what I want is something that I’ve really been trying to work on lately. I am so blessed in so many ways – blessed with a wonderful marriage, beautiful children, and a loving family. I live in a nice home that’s cozy and warm, I have food on my plate each day, and every morning I wake up to the giggles and songs of an adorable little boy.

And yeah, we’ve had some stressful days lately. But, it happens. Hard times happen, bad news gets delivered, worries sometimes will take over. I just need to dig deep and find the strength that can push me through this hard space that I seem to be frozen in.

The hardest part about being a mother is the worry that comes along with it. Everyday I worry about the little one growing inside me. Every time I feel him kick I am brought back to wondering what his little, precious, life will be like. Will he know how much we love him? Will he be happy?

And most importantly, Will he be okay?

What gets YOU through the hard times?
What gives YOU strength?