Fall is here! Or at least I’m pretending it is. Wyatt and I were busy out in the back yard today playing with Emma when we spotted a small branch of leaves that had changed color and fallen. They weren’t the prettiest leaves (as you can see) but they were the first sign of Fall in our backyard. We picked them up, set them aside, and made a plan to use them later for something very special.

Later that day we came inside, pulled out our giant “activity” tub and got to work. We used part of Wyatt’s pine cone collection, the leaves, some paint, brushes, and paper to create our masterpiece.

Here are some pictures of us at work:

We had such a great time playing around and getting messy creating something together. Wyatt loved to take his pine cone’s and drag them across the paint – he also loved putting his little foot in the bin. We spent a good half our playing around before he decided that his picture was complete. We then removed the leaves and cones and hung it up to dry. 

Wyatt was so excited to show his daddy when he came home from work! He is always so proud of what he creates – which makes the experience that much better for me! I love letting him get messy and explore.

So, what are you waiting for?
Go grab some leaves and pine cones and get to work!