We recently started keeping a little schedule in the mornings to keep us on track and being productive. Wyatt is now only allowed to watch an episode or two of Mickey Mouse in the morning while having breakfast – then the television goes off – for the entire day. The only exception to the rule is if we have a family movie night – where we will watch a Disney flick together. (Tonight is The Little Mermaid!!) I know what you’re thinking – that I’m crazy – and that it must be hard.

Well, let me be honest. It is. BUT since doing this I’ve seen a huge improvement in Wyatt’s speech. It has also given us the opportunity to do so many things together that we wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Like crafts! We love going to Michael’s and searching the dollar section for holiday crafts and different small art projects to work on. After each holiday last year I started stocking up on coloring books and different craft packets that were marked down to almost nothing – so I have a good stockpile of fun things. I am going to do the same thing this year – because soon I will have TWO little ones!

Our morning routine is pretty flexible too, but we do try and check everything off the list. Sometimes Wyatt has Speech Class or Speech Therapy in the mornings so we have to alter our schedule to fit around those activities. We are working hard on keeping his playroom space fun, educational, and most importantly – semi-organized. Because this kid is a wrecking machine, I’ll tell ya that much.

Oh, and while I’m on the subject – if you miss the background noise of the television – download pandora on your phone or computer (it’s free) and play the Toddler Radio station. The songs are fun and upbeat and are perfect for mini dance parties.

So, what do YOUR mornings look like?
Do you keep a routine? 
And what do you think about television watching?