Hello there! Today we have another Speech Delay story to share with you. Today’s story is from Amanda who blogs over at Tales from a FAR. Please read her story and then leave her some love and words of encouragement on this post. Talking about Speech Delay and sharing our stories is so important – not only for our hearts but to help soothe the hearts of other families going through the same thing.
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Hi! I’m Amanda! I’m a full time student/wife/Thirty-One consultant/and most importantly a mom to a little boy named FAR who is a two year old little guy who LOVES life, his Daddy, and “Woody/Buzz”.

photos courtesy of instagram, feel free to follow and see all the adventures of FAR! 
December of 2012 we took FAR for his 18th month check up and the pediatrician asked us how many words he could say. At this time he said “Mama” “Dada” “Da”(Dog) so I said three and thought nothing of it. Being a first time mom, I assumed that was typical toddler speak. FAR had always been an over achiever when it came to development. He was 10lbs 2oz when he was born, he cut his first tooth at 3 months and walked at 10 months. I never expected we were about to walk into a world of unknown. 

The pediatrician told us that typically 18 month old said at least 6 words. Fletcher technically said 2 words and had 1 extra sound. This greatly concerned her and she recommended us to a speech therapist after the holidays. I’m pretty sure I looked at her like she was crazy. Fletcher doesn’t speak correctly? He needs a speech therapist? What is a speech therapist? My perfect little boy is not developing like he should. I got into my car and just cried. I called 6 Speech Therapists before I finally found one that best fit our needs. 

FAR started therapy in January 2013. He sees a therapist twice a week for thirty minute sessions. At first I thought this was crazy, and that she did everything that I do at home, but now, 9 months later FAR’s vocabulary has taken a complete 180 degree turn for the better! He can tell us what he wants, he puts words together and tries to make sentences! 

Speech therapy was one of the best things that happened to our family. 

These past 9 months have not been easy. There have been times where FAR and I have both just cried because he wanted something but could not communicate to me what it was. I did learn the most important lesson. Just because my son has a speech disability does not mean he is not perfect, because he is perfect just the way he is! 

– Amanda