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As a busy mom of two, student, virtual assistant, and blogger I need to stay organized. Being organized makes my life simpler because I am able to keep track of everything that needs to be done, everything that has been accomplished and everything I have planned. I have been wanting a tablet for some time now, something that could become my android “supertool” of organization and productivity. So I went to Office Depot to shop and discover my perfect “fit”.

I love how each tablet is set up so I can pick it up and try it out right there in the store. I have never had a tablet before so this whole experience was all new to me. The team at Office Depot were so friendly, they answered all of the questions that I had and were there throughout the whole process.

Here are some of the questions I asked – and the answers:

1) What is the main benefit of owning an Android-ran tablet? One of the main benefits is speed and precision. You’ll be getting a smooth-running tablet for less money out of pocket.

2) Why do I want “Intel Inside”? It will increase productivity and make games run faster and apps load quicker.

3) What should I look for in a tablet? Clear display, good battery life and the option to expand storage.

The staff at Office Depot were extremely helpful and knowledgeable – they were able to help me find the perfect tablet that fit my lifestyle. I got the ASUS ME302c and I couldn’t be happier! I can do EVERYTHING from this tablet. Not only can I snap photos for blog posts but I can also write and publish them too! This is perfect for when we are on the go – especially for work because I don’t have to wait until I’m home to get something done for a client. I am able to be available to them more which makes me a better Virtual Assistant. I can read textbooks for school on the tablet and work on assignments too. I’m telling you – it’s a supertool!

Some of the reasons why I chose the ASUS ME302c:

  1. Awesome battery life – this was huge for me because I want something I can use without having to charge it every few hours.
  2. Speed – it’s fast and responsive.
  3. Media – I wanted to be able to use my tablet to watch movies on the go, read my favorite books, etc.
  4. Apps – I wanted something with a lot of apps to choose from. This was a key factor for me because I download A LOT of apps for Wyatt’s learning and I needed something that would offer the selection I was looking for.
  5. Intel Atom Processor – for speed, browsing, graphics, camera, HD video, and energy efficiency.

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