Disclosure: I was sent these items from LUSH Cosmetics to review. My love for LUSH cosmetics is 100% my own.

Hey everyone!
I’m back with MORE LUSH goodness for you to check out! This time, it’s a Christmas addition! These are just some (yes, there are more!) of the goodies from the Holiday line at LUSH. To see the full line of products you can go here. Anyways, I just wanted to highlight a few of the products and tell you what I thought of them! So here we go!!

Golden Wonder – Golden Wonder is back again this year and we can’t wait to hop in the tub with this fizzy golden gift! It simply wouldn’t be a LUSH Christmas without soaking in its soft citrus fragrance; a gorgeous, uplifting blend of sweet orange, lime and cognac oils. Drop this best-seller in your bath and watch it put on a colorful show as the vibrant gifts inside reveal themselves and leave you with soft, champagne-scented skin. – LUSH

This gem actually turned my bath water turquoise! It was so incredibly beautiful because there were golden specks everywhere – so pretty! I really enjoyed my soak in this bad boy and I will definitely be purchasing another. The scent was light and not too overwhelming but just perfect for a nice, relaxing, night bath.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar –  Unwind in mounds of soft, frothy bubbles and the heavenly fragrance of ylang ylang and jasmine absolute. Sink into the warm, blue waters, softened with corn flour, Irish moss powder and baking soda. Little ones love this one too; just crumble one in the tub and let the soothing fragrance calm their excitement and send them off to the land of nod. You’ll soon find out why Christmas Eve has become a returning favorite since it first launched a few years ago! –LUSH

Okay, we flat out LOVE this bubble bar. And by “we” I mean Wyatt and myself because I used it with his night-time bath too! He loves the big bubbles that these LUSH baths create. And the relaxing scent of jasmine was really strong in this one – which makes it perfect for a night soak! I was able to break this into many pieces so we could enjoy it more than once! We’re saving the last piece for Wyatt’s Christmas Eve bath!

Sandy Santa Body Butter – If you fell in love with Sandy Santa last year (like the rest of us!) you’ll be so happy to hear he’s back and better than ever. The sand and sugar buffs and polishes dull winter skin to reveal a bright, toned complexion. This year we’ve made it even more beneficial for the skin by adding coconut oil, murumuru and Shea butters so he leaves skin feeling oh-so-soft and moisturized. The orange, rose and sandalwood oils not only tone and soften, but also make up the uplifting fragrance we missed all year! –LUSH

Yum, this is the best smelling Santa that I’ve EVER encountered! He smells AMAZING! And he’s perfect for dry elbows or knees! They definitely aren’t kidding when they say he buffs – and what’s great is that it’s not too harsh on the skin. It feels like a gentle sugar massage!

Snow Globe Soap –  When the weather outside is frightful, lathering up with a slice of Snow Globe is delightful! Our best-selling holiday soap is back again this year with its uplifting blend of grapefruit, lemon myrtle and ylang ylang oils to keep your skin and spirits bright. Bring a chunk of this cheery soap into the shower with you for a spot of sunshine on gray winter days. –LUSH

This is my FAVORITE SOAP EVER. Not just LUSH, but in general. It smells so good and it’s the perfect mixture of citrus and musk – I love the way it makes my skin feel and smell after a shower/bath. And it just looks cool too! This is definitely something that I will be purchasing every holiday season!

Bombardino Bath Bomb –  Inspired by a hot après-ski drink enjoyed in the ski resorts of the Italian Alps, Bombardino makes the perfect treat to enjoy after a long day on the slopes, or an exhausting day spent holiday shopping. Sicilian lemon oil and vanilla absolute combine beautifully to create an uplifting and comforting lemon-cheesecake aroma, and bits of cocoa butter from his whipped hat melt into the bath water to soften up winter skin. Just like a late afternoon refreshment, Bombardino is perfect for warming up on a chilly winter’s day and getting re-energized for the evening’s festivities! –LUSH

This guy is not only adorable, but he is also so softening! He smells like cheesecake and makes your skin feel silky and smooth – what is there not to love about him? I love the way he dissolves in the bath and hopping into the smooth, sweet-smelling water was such a treat! It’s been so cold outside and it was so nice to come in and take a nice hot bath with this guy! 🙂

Which LUSH Christmas product would YOU love to try?