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I can say, without a doubt – HANDS DOWN, recovering from this surgery has been the most painful thing I have ever experienced. As you may know, I had a partial hysterectomy on the 5th. Well, after leaving the hospital on the 6th, I couldn’t “go”. I think we all know what I’m talking about. And it’s pretty common because all of the heavy duty pain meds. According to my doc, I had swollen bowels. So for the next few days I had to try everything under the pharmaceutical counter to help me. But nothing did. After 6 days of not “going” I called my doc who suggested more meds. This past week hasn’t been great. A lot of days were spent on and off the toilet not being able to do a thing but pray for it to stop. Seriously, I prayed – loud.

I’ve never experienced anything more painful or more embarrassing. The only thing to do was hold onto the towel bar and scream. I probably scared the crap out of William and the kids but I couldn’t help it – I was in so much pain. Why am I sharing this? Because it’s the truth! Also, if you’re having this surgery or if you ever have this surgery make sure they prescribe you something to help you go before you leave the hospital. Because when you get home you’re on your own – and you don’t want to have to go back to the hospital for them to get it out of you.

The only highlight was Valentines Day. I had woken up about a hundred times the night before and was exhausted. William let me sleep in and when I came downstairs there were cards and flowers on the table. And after everything I had been going through – I really needed that.

My husband has been my hero through all of this. He has taken care of the kids (and me!) by himself without ANY help the whole time while I’ve been recovering. And that can be stressful – watching the babies on your own.

So here’s a little run-down of what I suggest if you’re having a hysterectomy:
  1. Leave the hospital with a laxative. I know it’s embarrassing, but believe me you want it.
  2. Get help – as much as you can. Recovery times vary so you might need help for up to two weeks like I did. (Let’s hope you get your poo-situation under control – then recovery should be a lot shorter).
  3. Get a belly band – they have them at the hospital. They help to hold everything and it makes you feel a lot less sore and achy when recovering.
  4. Drink lots of water, they’ll tell you this at the hospital but staying hydrated is a very important part in recovering.
  5. Get a body pillow. I re-used the one from pregnancy, it helped to have a little pressure on my stomach and to have space between your legs to help with releasing gas.
  6. Walk around when you can, even if it’s just for a lap around the room. Getting your body moving feels good and also helps with gas, which you will have – and lots of it.

So, there it is – the whole she-bang. If you have questions please feel free to leave them below. I found this site very helpful – it’s packed with information about the procedure, recovery, and more.