Disclosure: A huge thanks to David Hobbs Honda for sponsoring today’s post.

Hey all! This is post two of our Dream Car Shopping Series and today I’m going to talk about some of my favorite cars from David Hobbs Honda! I’ve always heard awesome things about Honda cars and to be honest I love the designs. They are bulky and not so streamlined, which I like. They just look safe. After searching the site for quite some time, I settled on a model!

I’ve never liked mini-vans, ever. But this doesn’t look like a mini van to me! I love that the back is boxed off and that the car as a whole looks more like an SUV. It’s got plenty of room and I wouldn’t ever have to worry about bringing a big purchase home – which is something we are constantly doing in our Hyundai. This just seems like the perfect choice for a family who goes on a lot of road trips and travels a lot – which we plan on doing! Room for everyone!

What kind of car do you drive?
If you could pick your dream car, what would it be?