Disclosure: Thanks to Yoplait for sponsoring today’s discussion!

There is just something about Greek Yogurt that makes it better than regular yogurt – it’s thicker, creamier, and well.. in my opinion, better! But not all brands of Greek yogurt taste the same – and not all flavors are made the same way. This is where the value of the taste-off comes into play.

Here we have two different types of blueberry yogurt. We have the Chobani Blueberries on the Bottom Yogurt and the Yoplait Blueberry Blended Greek Yogurt. Both look delicious, both have appealing packaging…

 But the important question.. which tastes better?

In my opinion, I liked the Chobani better but I also had Wyatt help me taste test and he seemed to prefer the Yoplait. The Yoplait is definitely the sweeter of the two and has pieces of real blueberry inside! I prefer the Chobani because it’s smoother and just a little bit creamier.

We’ve been trying to introduce new things into Wyatt’s diet since he is SUCH a picky eater so I am happy that we get to add Yoplait yogurt into the mix!

Having a little taste-off at home was so much fun!

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Happy Tasting!