It’s no secret that Wyatt and I LOVE to paint together. I love painting because we are always left with a treasured keepsake that we can hang on the wall or keep in an art binder to look at later. I always date each project so I’ll know exactly how old Wyatt was when it was made, etc. I also think it’s a great bonding experience – it’s always just he and I getting “painty” with the supplies and laughing at each other. But, I started to run out of ideas! So I put together this fun list of 25 things that you can paint with your little ones! Won’t you try something on the list with me? Oh, and if you want to see some of the projects that Wyatt and I have done together you can check out our Create tab!

25 Painting Activities for Kids:

  1. Lobster Kid Craft / Stockpiling Moms
  2. Handprint Terra Cotta Planter / Stockpiling Moms
  3. Paper Plate Piggy / Glued to my Crafts
  4. Apple Hand Prints / In Moms Test Kitchen
  5. Bubble Art / In Moms Test Kitchen
  6. Dot Painting / Songbirds and Buttons
  7. Funky Dino Canvas / Glued to my Crafts
  8. Coffee Filter Angel / In Moms Test Kitchen
  9. Easy Owl Activity / Songbirds and Buttons
  10. Seasons of Love Hand Print Art / A Mom’s Take
  11. Ladybug Rocks / A Mom’s Take
  12. Hand Print & Heart Painting / Songbirds and Buttons
  13. Hand Print Flamingo / Glued to my Crafts
  14. Chalk Painting / Glued to my Crafts
  15. Glue Painting / The Country Chic Cottage
  16. Wacky Birds / Glued to my Crafts
  17. Foam Painting Activity / Songbirds and Buttons 
  18. Coffee Filter Peacock / Glued to my Crafts
  19. Lion Plate / Glued to my Crafts
  20. Kids Hand Print Paintings (5 different ones!) / The Pinning Mama
  21. Toilet Paper Roll Hearts Painting / Just 2 Sisters
  22. Hand Print Tree / Glued to my Crafts
  23. Salt Painting / Just 2 Sisters
  24. Welcome Home Sign / Glued to my Crafts
  25. Children’s Canvas Painting / Songbirds and Buttons
Happy Painting!