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purina one

Hello, friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day! We spent ours outside together in the backyard playing – we picked up a new pool at Walmart when we went to get Emma’s dog food! Right now we’re doing the Purina One 28 day challenge with Emma to see if it can make a difference. It’s good for her eyes, dental health, energy, digestibility, skin and coat, and it’s supposed to taste great!


When it comes to our pup, we only want the best. She is a huge part of our family and right now she is Levi’s favorite. Seriously, they are adorable together – when she gets near him he starts kicking his feet and squealing. She lets him put his hands all over her face, pull on her fur, and she loves every minute of it.


emma and levi

She’s so protective of our boys and has grown to have a unique bond with each of them. She’s great for Wyatt because she forces him to interact – if he tries to ignore her she doesn’t let him! It’s really cute to watch. Wyatt loves to play fetch with her and run around the back yard with her, they’re best buds.



She is such a special part of our family and really has added a ton of excitement, trouble, and chaos! She’s still “in training” and loves getting in the garbage – but those sweet moments she has with the boys erases all of that. We love her so much and want to make sure she’s as healthy as possible and with us for as long as possible. And I know that feeding her the best food will help with that. And that is why we’ve started the 28 day challenge. So far she’s loving the food and I know that it’s good for her – so it’s really a win-win! When we first gave her the food we mixed her old food in with it – it’s better to introduce food this way and we double checked with her vet just to be safe.

purina one


Emma eats the large breed puppy food because she is still a puppy, even though she does not look like one. This girl is over 60lbs! I love that the food tailors to each type of dog, there are all kinds of varieties. If you would like to take the 28 day challenge with us make sure you print off a coupon for $3 off! We’re hoping this food gives Emma everything she needs to continue being playful, sweet, and loyal to our family. I can’t wait to see if there are changes after the 28 days!