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 No one wants to talk about bathroom habits, there’s this stigma of embarrassment that always tags along with it. But today, I’m sharing the products we stock in ours. When you have two little ones in the house you need any/every kind of tissue, wipe, paper, none to man. But the Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care toilet paper are our favorites.

As I mentioned before, we’re in the process of getting Wyatt toilet trained and with potty training, practice is key. And so is keeping supplies fully stocked! I like to keep everything right over the potty so it’s all in arms reach.


So, it’s simple for him to reach up and grab an extra roll of toilet paper, or a flushable cloth. And seriously you guys, the flushable cloths are ah-mazing and so handy to have in the bathroom! They’re sewer and septic safe so you don’t have to worry about any trouble there. Plus, they’re alcohol-free so you don’t have to worry about burning your bum. We love the clean care toilet paper because its really strong, one square goes a long way, it’s two-ply, and it’s soft!


 Wyatt and I headed to Rite Aid today to stock up on Cottonelle® Flushable Cleansing Cloths and Clean Care toilet paper with our printable coupon to snag a good deal. Both products can be found right in the toilet paper aisle so there’s no need to search around – you can just grab it and go!


Have you tried these Cottonelle® products?

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