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Let’s be honest, you’ve never really experienced snuggling until you’ve snuggled with a 75lb Labrador Retriever. I’ll be the first to say that our family spoils our pets, especially our two pups. They both sleep in bed with William and I at night, and snuggle on the couch with our boys all day. And this is part of why I love all free clear laundry detergent, because they help make laundry that much easier, because we won’t be giving up snuggle time with our pups anytime soon!

emma bed

Snuggling with Emma is the closest I will ever come to snuggling a polar bear, afternoon naps with her are just incredible! I absolutely love the look of white bedding, pillows, and decor – and I don’t want to have to give that up! I love love love all detergent because it helps keep our whites, white – and really tackles all of the dirt that we bring to the laundry machine. And with two little boys and two crazy pups, we sure bring a lot of dirt in the house!

It’s hypoallergenic and fragrance-free which is perfect because both boys have sensitive skin and even our pup Ted does too! So, I never have to worry about who will come in contact with what – I wash every piece of clothing, every blanket, every towel, all with all detergent so everyone is covered! 



With all detergent, my pups are #freetobe themselves, which means lots of playing in the dirt outside! And, they’re free to snuggle with us whenever they want – because washing the blankets and sheets is a total breeze with all detergent

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