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Hi friends! 

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday! Today I wanted to talk about some of our favorite must-haves for quiet time. Usually we block out about 30 minutes before bedtime to sit together, snuggle up, and read books as a family. I think it’s so important to have this time together, it’s time to re-group and really spend some quality time together before turning in for the night.


Our 5 Quiet Time Must-Haves:

  1. Soft Blankets: Of course, cuddling up wouldn’t be half as comfortable without some super-snuggly and soft blankets, am I right? Levi has a baby blanket with cars on it that he absolutely loves, this is something that he has each night for bed.
  2. Books: Story time is a great way to reconnect as a family. Television can be so distracting and tends to get the boys wound up, so we like to read books before bedtime to get them both sleepy and ready to have a good night’s rest.
  3. Stuffed Animals: My kiddos love their “lovies” – because story time is always better with a friend! Levi’s favorite is a stuffed pig, he takes it to bed with him every night!
  4. Latch Pacifier: Levi is still using a pacifier at night. We give it to him during bed time and it helps him get comfortable and relax. Sleeping is still difficult for him most nights, as you may know, he was born with Clubfoot and has to wear special boots and bar shoes for 16 hours a day. These shoes tend to be uncomfortable so it’s difficult for him to relax and stay still long enough to sleep. His pacifier is a huge help, right now we’re loving these Latch pacifiers. They’re super-flexible and lightweight. It is all one piece of silicone so it helps to keep the germs out. I love the heart-shaped design of them, they easily fit right under his little nose. We pick them up at Target – and they come in 3 different nipple shapes that grow with your baby: 0+ months, 3+ months, and 6+ months.
  5. Milk: You just can’t get ready for bed without getting a drink of milk first!


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Aren’t his baby blue eyes the BEST? I just love snuggling up with my little man! The sound of his binki is one of my favorite sounds, so soothing and comforting! The Latch pacifier and other Munchkin products can be found in-store or online at Target! And who needs an excuse to go to Target – am I right? 😉

What are YOUR must-haves for quiet time?

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